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We are able to provide high-quality but affordable business address or registered office address services to our clients.

Registered Office Address | $385.00 per annum (or $49.50 per month)
ABNAustralia.com.au provides our clients with a high quality registered address service for your Australian registered company. An address service can be purchased with a new company or as a standalone product. This service includes mail forwarding of all statutory mail to your preferred address.
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Virtual Office Address (Business Address) | $385.00 per annum (or $49.50 per month)
ABNAustralia.com.au can provide a business address facility which includes mail forwarding of all related business documents. Virtual Office services allow you to maintain a professional presence for your organisation at a reputable location.
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From the Knowledge Base

What is a registered office?

A registered office is a legal requirement for all Australian companies registered with ASIC. It is the official address of the incorporated company and is publicly available for anyone to view. The address can be different to that of your usual trading address. The address will be used by ASIC, the ATO, and other Government bodies to deliver statutory letters and legal notices. 

A registered address cannot be a post office box. If the company does not occupy the premises, the occupier of the address must give written consent to use the address as its registered office.

You must notify ASIC of any address changes within 28 days. Once you've made the change, the new address will appear on our register within seven days.

Do I need a business address?

An Australian company must tell ASIC the address of its principal place of business. It cannot be a post office box and must be a physical address. It is the primary location where you carry on business and will appear on the public register.

For foreign companies based overseas, they may need to procure the services of a local agent to provide a business address facility (which may include, at a minimum, services such as mail forwarding).

Who can use this service?

This service can only be used by companies that are incorporated in Australia or are in the process of planning to incorporate a company in this jurisdiction.

What will my address be if I use ABNAustralia.com.au 's service?

Your registered and/or business address will be:

Your Business Name Here
225 Fullarton Road
Eastwood SA 5063


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