There are occasions where a pre-existing company is beneficial for meeting a commercial consideration at hand.

We keep a range of pre-incorporated companies on the shelf (shelf companies) that have never traded and have only been incorporated for resale as an aged company. They are available for immediate purchase and use.

Sometimes the incorporation age is a consideration for presenting longevity.

At other times a suitable trading name is a significant consideration and we aim to provide aged companies that are valuable commodities with respect to the inherent goodwill that comes with a marketable or intrinsic value in the chosen name.

Current List of Aged Stock


Company NameACNDate of Incorporation Status
NEW AGE THINKING PTY LTD 620 793 535 31-Jul-17 Available - $999.00


Incorporated Pre 30 June 2017
MYSUPER RAINBOW PTY LTD 620 009 547 26-Jun-17 Available - $1999.00



Incorporated Pre 30 June 2016
COMPLIMENTARY STRUCTURE PTY LTD 613 385 443 30-Jun-16 Available - $2999.00
INSTINCTIVE PLAN PTY LTD 613 385 407 30-Jun-16 Available - $2999.00
MEDIA NOISE PTY LTD 613 385 363 30-Jun-16 Available - $2999.00
GONDOLA SERENADE PTY LTD 612 125 292 29-Apr-16 Available - $2999.00
WINTER HAS ARRIVED PTY LTD 612 125 158 29-Apr-16 Available - $2999.00
HONEYPOT PATH PTY LTD 612 125 023 29-Apr-16 Available - $2999.00
WINDALMERE MEWS PTY LTD 612 124 937 29-Apr-16 Available - $2999.00
GONDOLA STREAM PTY LTD 612 124 302 29-Apr-16 Available - $2999.00
WINDALMERE STRAITS PTY LTD 612 124 160 29-Apr-16 Available - $2999.00
DELTA OCEAN PTY LTD 610 835 740 18-Feb-16 Reserved





Should your requirements not be met by the above companies listed please contact us as we may have further stock available.

Ordering an Aged Shelf Company

Once you have selected your preferred company you will need to call us on 1300 ABN ABN to secure its availability. Having done this you may then order the company by selecting from the Online Orders menu top right hand side of our website.

If you wish to speak to us regarding any matter please feel free to call on 1300 ABN ABN.

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