The two most common forms of Business Registration in Australia are either a registered business name or a registered proprietary company.


The registration of business names and company incorporations in Australia is managed by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). Registration of a business name or company through ASIC secures automatic registration across all State and Territory jurisdictions.

For sole traders such as contractors and small cottage industry participants a Business name is often sufficient to start with as it is a low cost component of a start up. Consideration to registering a Domain Name alongside the business name is also worthwhile as it is a link to your business.

In Australia before you can register a Business name as an individual you must have an Australian Business Number (ABN). This is a number allocated by the Australian Taxation Office and you will need to quote your personal tax file number to be allocated an ABN.

We are specialist in the registration process of all forms of businesses and can assist you in getting an ABN, a registered Business Name, and Domain Name all in the one process.

The alternative method of conducting a business is that of the private company (Proprietary Limited) in which incorporation can be effected for a sole Director and sole Shareholder to a multiple Directorship and multiple Shareholding entity.

Where that entity is to be a trading entity (as against a trustee entity) then the business entity name needs to be researched in regard to its availability both in terms of company incorporation and domain name registration together with trademark registration.

When you engage our services to register a company we provide the following services and products:
  • We ensure that the name you have chosen is available and does not contain prohibited words such as King, Queen, Federal and many other gazetted prohibited words. We process the incorporation through a secure electronic medium ensuring a same day response.
  • The Constitution provided by us for your adoption is of the highest quality in terms of its suitability for commercial transactions in Australia and provides for flexible share options. It is constantly vetted by our highly skilled legal consultants. View our Share Class matrix .
  • Upon incorporation we complete all of the statutory registers that are required to be kept by the Corporations Act and provide them in a quality company binder for your safe keeping. Alternatively we can provide the entire company register in PDF format.
  • Included in our final package are the necessary forms to register your company for taxation purposes and we include a bank account kit for fast tracking the opening of a bank account for the company.
  • Concurrent with the incorporation process of your company we can attend to the registration of business names, domain names and trademarks if warranted.

How to order or engage our services

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For a more comprehensive understanding, please read our documentation on business structures.