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Australia is a highly regulated business environment and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) is the watch dog for ensuring Australian businesses comply with good corporate governance practices and the penalties for non compliance are high.

We have extensive experience in Company secretarial management in both private company and public company management including ASX listed entities. 

We also provide services in Directorship and Secretary Appointments.

ASIC imposes strict lodgement criteria and imposes heavy fines to ensure the integrity of its database. The penalty for failure to lodge documents with the Commission can be upwards of $1,000 and/or 3 months imprisonment.

In line with ASIC’s concept of computerisation and added security, a Corporate Key was introduced by ASIC on 1st March 2004 for insertion onto paper forms. A record will need to be kept for the storage of the Key, as it is required on the most commonly lodged form—Form 484. It is also required on additional forms (e.g. 486 and 362). The Corporate Key is not required when Agents lodge documents online via their EDGE-approved software. This is another sound reason to outsource company registry functions as the Corporate Key adds more administrative burden to your practice. We use EDGE-approved software.

Corporations Law requires registered companies to keep and maintain appropriate statutory records in relation to directors, shareholders and other matters. In addition to the ongoing maintenance requirements each company has an obligation to review the company statement issued by ASIC each year to ensure that the database of ASIC matches the office holder and shareholder ownership of the company. There is also an annual review fee to be paid.

Our system is linked directly to ASIC for online changes and ensures there is a tracking date for lodgements.

What happens when you outsource to us

When a client chooses us to become its outsourcing agent we become the ASIC Registered Agent for the relevant company/companies. This is done at no cost to you and we do not require any up-front fees.

As the company's agent, ABN Australia:

  • receives all correspondence from ASIC relating to the company annual review statement and fees payable;
  • sends ASIC invoice statements to you for fees due or any late fees that need your attention;
  • is able to download a current ASIC search and debt reports for the company at no cost;
  • prepares the company's ASIC Annual Review Company Statement and directors solvency resolution and sends them to you;
  • lodges ASIC documents for each company so that you have proof of receipt of lodgement at ASIC;
  • can prepare and lodge all ASIC forms required.
Company Changes

We can prepare all necessary ASIC forms, company minutes and updated company registers for any changes that need to be made to a company. These documents are sent to you by email for signature to enable lodgement and are stored in our database. Most lodgements are made electronically through our interface programme with the ASIC register.

What are the benefits of outsourcing corporate registry?
  • You are able to focus on your organisation's core activities.
  • Your organisation's records are stored safely with us and are readily accessible for prompt and efficient alteration.
  • You will be employing our expertise at extremely cost effective rates.
  • If you manage numerous companies your organisation will retain approximately 70% of the average annual charge for this service.
  • Profitability will improve for your organisation as you will be able to redeploy our human resources to your core business activities.

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