A domain name is a license to use a specific name on the Internet for a specific period of time (generally 1-2 years). The most common uses for domain names are website addresses used to advertise business products and services (www.abnaustralia.com.au) and/or email addresses (contact@abnaustralia.com.au).

How can registering domain names assist in protecting my brand online?

Some people believe that registering a business name, ABN or ACN will enable them to have exclusive registration rights of the same name as a domain name; however the various domain name spaces operate independently from the various business registers. There is no guarantee that your business name will be available to register as a domain name, so it is imperative that you register your name as a domain name as soon as you register your business name and after you have considered trademark registration. Consider the registration of your business name as a domain name as an important minimal cost investment in your intellectual property and brand protection strategy.


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The global domain name market

The nature of the Internet means that businesses are competing for names on a global scale. In the traditional, offline business world, a start-up would typically register their company name locally. Internationally, there could be two or more businesses operating in their respective local markets under the same name. For example, two separate companies, one in Australia and the other in the UK, may both coincidentally trade as John Smith Electronics without this creating any conflict to naming rights. The nature of online business is such that these two businesses may want to acquire Internet market share and develop websites to reach the international market. So in fact, while they are two separate entities based in different geographic markets, the Internet gives them the opportunity to gain market share globally. Thus, they could potentially compete to register the domain johnsmithelectronics.com.