ABN Australia have a solid reputation for establishing superannuation funds and ensuring that all components of the registration process have been attended to.

Should you wish to establish a superannuation fund please complete our standard online order form by selecting Superannuation Fund from the Online Orders on the right of this page, or contact our office for further information or assistance on: 1300 ABN ABN

There are a number of different types of superannuation funds which may be created:

  • funds established by an employer for its employees;
  • a master fund or trust established by a life office or other financial institution for unrelated employers, employee and/or self employed persons;
  • an industry fund created for employees by an industrial organisation and/or employer body;
  • the establishment of a fund by a government or governmental or semi-government authorities;
  • as well as Self Managed Superannuation Funds;

Self-managed Superannuation funds are the most common type of superannuation funds for small to medium businesses.

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Have you given consideration as to whether your clients' older SMSF trust deeds are still compliant? 

Fundamentally a SMSF Trustee must act in accordance with its SMSF Trust Deed and the Law - and auditors are increasingly facing pressure to ensure that SMSF trust deeds are up to scratch. We therefore recommend to our clients that any SMSF Trust Deed older than five years should be reviewed to ensure they remain compliant and reflect industry best practice. Importantly when a significant change in the law occurs, such as in July 2017, the SMSF Trust Deed should be revised as a matter of course.

ABNAustralia.com.au specialises in the establishment of SMSF trust deeds and is offering clients the opportunity to update their existing SMSF trust deeds. Click through here to find out about our services and why you should be updating your SMSF trust deeds to remain compliant and up-to-date. 


ABN Australia is not licensed to provide financial product advice and you should consider taking advice from the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence before making a decision on a financial product.

There are a number of trust laws and legislative requirements relating to setting up A SELF MANAGED SUPERANNUATION FUND (SMSF).

After seeking financial advice you may engage our services to procure a trust deed which evidences by your execution the existence of the trust and the rules of operation of the fund.

Elements of the trust deed:

  • details of who the trustees are;
  • how trustees may be appointed or removed;
  • the powers of trustees;
  • eligibility for membership;
  • conditions relating to acceptance of contributions;
  • conditions for payment of benefits to members;
  • procedures for winding up the fund;
  • provisions relating to valuation of assets.
Pension or Lump Sum Fund:

In order to obtain the benefits of the tax concessions available to superannuation funds the trustee must ensure that the fund elects to be come a regulated fund under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (SIS).

The trustee must ensure that the trust deed:

  • states that its sole or primary purpose is the provision of old age pensions (pension basis). The trust deed may also permit (but not compel) benefits to be paid as a lump sum. Under this option, the trustees may be individuals;


  • require the fund to appoint a corporate trustee (Corporations basis).

In Addition, the SMSF must:

  • Obtain a Tax File Number (TFN).
  • Obtain an Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Open a bank account.
  • Establish an appropriate investment strategy for the fund.

We are registration and compliance consultants for all forms of legal entities including superannuation entities. We do not give advice in regard to the merits or otherwise in establishing a particular entity. Advice should be sought from a competent advisor in this area.