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Whilst we have your attention... have you given consideration as to whether your client's older SMSF trust deeds are still compliant? 
Fundamentally a SMSF Trustee must act in accordance with its SMSF Trust Deed and the Law - and auditors are increasingly facing pressure to ensure that SMSF trust deeds are up to scratch. We therefore recommend to our clients that any SMSF Trust Deed older than five years should be reviewed to ensure they remain compliant and reflect industry best practice. Importantly when a significant change in the law occurs, such as in July 2017, the SMSF Trust Deed should be revised as a matter of course. specialises in the establishment of SMSF trust deeds and is offering clients the opportunity to update their existing SMSF trust deeds. Click through here to find out about our services and why you should be updating your SMSF trust deeds to remain compliant and up-to-date.