If a company currently has legal entities already set up and wants to transfer to the your EOR model, can you support this?

In today’s economic climate, many companies are assessing the value and necessity of their international footprint and the many tax responsibilities that go along with international business entities. Where businesses do not technically require an entity, it may not make sense to have one, and as a result, we are seeing an increase in those who are looking to close down these offices in order to reduce costs, and limit their exposure and future risks.

Most companies have however developed talent at these locations that they might not wish to simply terminate or lose completely. In these circumstances our EOR solution provides the perfect answer. Rather than terminating these workers, clients can transfer the ownership of the worker(s) they wish to keep to our model, where they can continue their work with as little disruption as possible. In many countries there are strict processes to follow in order to achieve this compliantly and to ensure that the worker is treated fairly. We can provide initial investigative consultancy with each client to ensure that all statutory requirements are adhered to and that the client is protected from the risks associated with it. Additional fees may apply for this consultation.