Six benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping

There are already significant challenges for any business owner or operator in entering and navigating a new market such as Australia. Failure to maintain accurate or up-to-date bookkeeping records is like trying to win a running race with your shoelaces untied. You are setting yourself up for disaster, and the problem only gets worse the faster you run.

By James Thomas

We believe the case for outsourcing your bookkeeping function to professionals is compelling for any business, and this is doubly so for businesses operating in a foreign jurisdiction with a strong focus on growth.

We have listed below six key reasons we believe outsourcing your bookkeeping function can prove beneficial for your business.

Allows you to focus on core competencies

Outsourcing bookkeeping allows the business to focus on its core activities, such as product development, marketing, and customer service, rather than getting bogged down in financial paperwork. With more time and resources freed up, business owners and managers can concentrate on strategic planning and growth initiatives. At ABN Australia, our trained bookkeeping staff are also likely to make the completion of bookkeeping tasks more efficient, allowing for more timely and reliable reports for needed for good decision making.

Enhanced accuracy and compliance

Our firm specialises in bookkeeping and accounting for the Australian market, and our robust systems and trained staff reduce the likelihood of errors whilst ensuring that financial records are accurate and up-to-date. Our team is well-versed in tax laws and financial regulations, including GST and Income Tax legislation in Australia, helping your business stay compliant and avoid costly penalties further down the line. 

Better cashflow and financial management

If your bookkeeping records are not accurate and up to date, then it becomes very difficult to effectively manage business functions such as chasing debtors, paying suppliers, completing tax filings, and provisioning for tax liabilities. This can very often lead to real problems in managing cashflow for the business, and the problem can become worse the faster your business is growing. ABN Australia ensures that your records are reliably and accurately updated in line with any agreed service level agreements.

Continuity and reliability

Employee turnover can disrupt your bookkeeping processes and lead to gaps in financial management, as well as significant costs and time investment in training new staff. Outsourcing ensures continuity and reliability, as our firm ensures backup resources and procedures are in place to handle unexpected absences or transitions.

Cost savings

Outsourcing eliminates the need to hire and train in-house bookkeepers, which can be costly in terms of salaries, benefits, training expenses, as well as occupancy expenses such as office space, equipment, and software subscriptions. Furthermore, clients that engage ABN Australia for bookkeeping services also typically receive a discount on our related tax compliance services.


Outsourcing allows businesses to scale their bookkeeping services up or down as needed, accommodating changes in business activity without the hassle of hiring or laying off staff. In addition, our industry-leading software and tools allow us to scale and adapt to your changing business requirements. 

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Published: 2nd October 2023