Nominee Shareholder Services

Appoint a nominee shareholder for your Australian company

We are able to provide nominee shareholder services for companies registered in Australia for a range of different personal, commercial or legal reasons.

There are two main reasons people use a nominee shareholder service when registering a limited company. The first reason is to fulfil legal requirements. The second reason is to enable the beneficiary owner to remain anonymous as a shareholder if that is one of their requirements when purchasing the shares.

We can also provide a comprehensive range of related services including company formation, registered office address, company compliance, tax and accounting services tailored to your specific requirements and business objectives. We pride ourselves on making things efficient, affordable and easy to understand and we look forward to supporting your business in any way we can.

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Professional Nominee Shareholder Services

When registering a private company there are lots of things to think about. One of the things on the list includes who are going to fulfil the roles of director, shareholder and company secretary? These roles are legal requirements when founding a company, but sometimes the company founder struggles to fill the roles or doesn't want to publicly fulfil the roles themselves. If this is the case the founder may turn towards nominee services, more specifically in this case, a nominee shareholder service.

A nominee shareholder is a company or individual that takes on the role of shareholder on behalf of the actual shareholder. This means that their name appears on the share certificate and their personal details are logged on all public documentation in place of the actual shareholder. The shareholder, or beneficiary owner, remains totally anonymous.

The shareholder or company founder, in using a nominee shareholder service, does not give up any of their legal rights to the shares as a beneficiary owner. The nominee shareholder's name is simply used in place of the actual shareholder's. The nominee shareholder will be required to sign the relevant documentation stating that they agree to this in order to protect the beneficiary owner's investment. The beneficiary owner still legally owns the shares and therefore, still receives the income and dividends from those shares.

The benefits of using a nominee shareholder for a company registration include:

  • Anonymity – it may be that the actual owner of the shares doesn't, for whatever reason, want their name or address to be listed on public record as a shareholder. If someone invests in a number of organisations they may not want their investments to be on public record so appointing a nominee shareholder is the perfect solution. Remaining anonymous may be a requirement for personal reasons, such as a desire to keep their home address off public records. There may also be commercial reasons involved, such as keeping their name off record for the benefit of themselves and the company.
  • Strategic – the true beneficial owner may be involved in an industry or commercial transaction where for commercial or strategic reasons they prefer to keep their name off the company records and need a third-party professional firm they can trust.
  • Speed and Efficiency – using our nominee shareholder service may make tax, government or other commercial registrations faster where the true beneficial shareholder is a foreign person or does not have available certain requisite documents as part of the relevant registration required.
  • Suitable name to represent your business – our firm comprises seasoned compliance and accounting professionals who understand the needs of international and domestic businesses alike. Our nominee shareholder service helps to add credibility to your business, whilst providing governance support to keep you compliant in Australia. We live and breathe compliance, tax and accounting every day and we take a commercial approach to how we deliver our services.

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