Branch Establishment Services

Register as a foreign company in Australia (branch establishment)

ABN Australia has significant experience in managing the needs of international businesses looking to establish a branch operation in Australia by formally registering as a foreign company with ASIC - ranging from large international listed businesses right through to smaller enterprises looking to set up a regional sales or administrative office.

There are a few special requirements that non-residents need to navigate when looking to register their foreign company formally with ASIC, such as the need to appoint a local agent and have a registered office address in Australia. It normally takes up to 28 days to formally register with ASIC as a foreign company (akin to establishing a branch). 

We can also provide a comprehensive range of related services including tax registrations, local agent, registered office address, and tax and accounting services tailored to your specific requirements and business objectives. We pride ourselves on making things efficient, affordable and easy to understand and we look forward to supporting your business in any way we can.

Order Forms and Information Guides

We recommend getting in touch with us in the first instance to discuss your requirements. We can then provide an overview of our services and our schedule of fees for you to consider. You can contact us on or by using the enquiry button here below.

Please note registering as a foreign company (akin to establishing a branch) is different from setting up a limited liability company in Australia. A limited liability company operates as its own separate legal entity whereas a branch does not offer limited liability to your existing overseas company.

Put your trust in the industry professionals

Setting up a branch in a new jurisdiction is a big deal - something you or your client might only do once in your life. Don't risk getting it wrong elsewhere - put your trust in the industry professionals.

  • We pride ourselves on great and informed customer service
  • Professional support available via chat, phone or email to discuss any question or concern you may have
  • We ensure complete confidentiality and respect with your company information
  • We have been official ASIC Registered Agents for over 40 years, and have registered more than 150,000 businesses during that time
  • We are trusted by hundreds of professional accounting firms across Australia, as well as hundreds of international clients every year
  • Our unique PDF order forms make registering as a foreign company in Australia fast and easy
  • ARBN (Australian Registered Body Number), Certificate of Registration + all quality company documents delivered to your inbox or postal address
  • We offer a comprehensive range of related services ensuring we can be a 'one-stop-shop' for your business
  • A commitment to amazing customer service verified with 5-star reviews through Trustpilot
  • Lastly, we love working with different clients from around the world any hearing their stories!

What's included

When you register as a foreign company with ASIC through us you receive the following comprehensive company documentation:

  • A Certificate of Registration from ASIC
  • Company ARBN (Australian Registered Body Number)
  • Local Agent Agreement
  • Bank Account opening kit
  • Officeholders' consent
  • Consent to act as Public Officer
  • Directors minutes
  • Statutory registers as required
  • Journals
  • printing, binding, and delivery options available

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