Employer of Record Services

Hire Australian employees without a local entity

Our employer of record service allows you to hire rapidly and efficiently within the Australian marketplace, leveraging our existing employer of record entity.

Whilst setting up your own local entity gives you a strong presence with complete control in the Australian marketplace, there may be instances where our Employer of Record service is more suitable for your current needs.

Setting up your own local entity can take precious time and resources, and requires you to have a solid understanding of the regulatory and compliance obligations of employing staff here in Australia.

In contrast, our employer of record service allows you to hire locally within the Australian marketplace without the compliance burden of navigating regulatory and employment law compliance requirements here in Australia. Our specialist team across HR and finance allows us to handle local payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance with care and due diligence – helping your employees feel as safe and secure as your business does.

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We recommend getting in touch with us in the first instance to discuss your requirements. We can then provide an overview of our services and our schedule of fees for you to consider. You can contact us on contact@abnaustralia.com.au or by using the enquiry button here below.

Why use our Employment of Record (EOR) service?

  • World-class service: Get personalized service from our HR and legal experts during every step of your Australian hiring journey.
  • Easing international expansion: An Australian Employer of Record potentially removes the need to incorporate locally. This saves on the cost and compliance burden of establishing a subsidiary legal entity, and allows new employees to be onboarded within days rather than months.
  • Compliance with local laws: We do the work to understand local labour and tax laws so you don't have to. We take on the burden and risk of employing your international workforce. Our in-house compliance experts and local partners work to shield your business from ever-changing regulations.
  • Avoid employee misclassification: Some enterprises may be inclined to avoid employing staff altogether and instead engage those individuals as independent contractors. This is a risky move. If the tax or employment regulators, or courts, consider the true nature of the professional’s engagement to be employment, a company could have serious penalties and liabilities. As employees of an EOR are bona fide employees, there is a reduced risk of misclassification.
  • Ironclad IP and invention protection: Retain full ownership of your IP and invention rights in Australia
  • Our integration services model: ABN Australia is uniquely positioned as an integrated service provider across accounting, compliance, and HR including EOR services. This means we can match the right solution to your needs at any given time rather than forcing you into any one narrow solution.

Key Components of the Service

Our EOR service offering includes the following employee management components

  • Tax registration: Our EOR legal entity is registered with the Australian Tax Office authorities as the employing entity for all workers. This means we are required to withhold certain taxes from employee payments (namely income tax and payroll tax contributions). In addition, we are required to submit those amounts to authorities on a regular basis and comply with any reporting requirements.
  • Payroll processing: We process the payroll of all employees in line with the legal requirements applying in the relevant state or jurisdiction. This includes managing necessary deductions, garnishments, expense reimbursements and leave entitlements. The payment method and cycle will follow legal obligations, local customs and the wishes of the client company wherever possible.
  • Benefits and social contributions: We register with pension funds (superannuation funds), health insurance and workers compensation providers, and other providers of benefits for employees. This may be to comply with legal requirements for employers (that depends on jurisdiction), or it may be to provide benefits in addition to a legal mandate.
  • Employment contracts: We will employ staff under jurisdiction-compliant employment contracts. These may be permanent and ongoing, casual, or fixed/maximum-term employment contracts.
  • New Employee Vetting: We take steps to confirm proof of working rights and ability to meet the minimum requirements of the job.
  • Termination or re-hire: We facilitate termination of employees, on advice from client companies and when permitted under the law. Similarly, we can renew contracts on expiration.
  • Fast and painless onboarding: We simplify the new employee onboarding procedure for both employees and client companies.
  • Employee induction and periodic review: We take that extra step to ensure workers get off to a good start in their new role, understand the way we operate, and ensure a healthy and safe working environment during the course of their employment. Our ongoing review and engagement processes are designed to support the client to employee relationship.

Our philosophy to helping global businesses
ABN Australia has built its business by focusing on the needs of SME global businesses looking to expand their business presence into Australia. Globalisation and the advent of sophisticated internet-based technologies have meant the barriers are lower than ever for savvy global businesses to expand their business horizons and successfully navigate foreign regulatory landscapes to create value for their business.

The recent accelerated adoption of remote working tools and mindset, now means global companies are broadening their talent pool and recruitment initiatives to foreign jurisdictions as well. For global businesses looking to hire workers in Australia, our Employment of Record (EOR) offers an alternative solution to helping you access these benefits.