Top 5 reasons to use an Employer of Record in Australia

Australia is an attractive market for many international businesses looking for new opportunities. With a robust economy, stable government and well-educated workforce Australia is an appealing expansion opportunity for many businesses looking to scale.

By James Thomas

While there are several avenues to enter the Australian market, using an Employer of Record (EOR) in Australia can offer various benefits. Here are the top five reasons to consider using an EOR in Australia:

Quick Market Entry

An Employer of Record can help you to establish a presence in the Australian market rapidly. You can potentially start hiring and operating without the time-consuming process of incorporating a legal entity in Australia, allowing you to seize business opportunities more swiftly. This is an attractive option for many businesses that have an urgent requirement to recruit and onboard staff in Australia.

Risk Mitigation

Employers of Record typically assume legal liability for employment-related matters, reducing your exposure to employment-related risks and legal issues. They handle employment contracts, payroll, tax withholding, superannuation payments and other compliance matters on your behalf. Reducing the risk associated with compliance in a foreign jurisdiction. As a low risk-entry strategy, using an Employer of Record can be a great away to test the market without taking on the cost and administrative burden of a permanent entity in Australia.

Compliance with Australian Employment Laws

Australia has a highly developed and mature industrial relations system and labour laws that require specialist knowledge and experience to navigate effectively. Non-compliance with these laws leaves employers exposed to potential penalties and reputational risk. Australian Employers of Record are experts in Australian employment requirements and can ensure that your business complies with all legal requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance, penalties and legal disputes.

Administrative Efficiency

Employers of Record take care of time-consuming HR and administrative tasks, including payroll processing, expense administration and tax reporting. Minimising administrative burden and allowing your business to focus on its core activities and strategic goals.

Access to Local Talent

Australia boasts one of the highest standards of living in the world, with excellent healthcare, internationally recognised education and a temperate climate, it’s no surprise its workforce is well educated with a wealth of skills and knowledge. An Employer of Record can help you tap into the Australian talent pool, leveraging their local knowledge to facilitate the recruitment and onboarding of Australian employees. This is particularly valuable when you need staff with knowledge of the Australian market and culture.


While these are the top reasons to consider using an EOR in Australia, it’s essential to evaluate your specific business needs and goals to determine whether this solution aligns with your objectives. Working with a reputable EOR provider who specialise in the Australian market can help ensure a smooth and compliant expansion into the Australian market.

At ABN Australia, our Employer of Record service allows you to hire rapidly and efficiently within the Australian marketplace, leveraging our existing Employer of Record entity. Visit our dedicated webpage, or email for more information.

Published: 18th September 2023