A domain name is a license to use a specific name on the Internet for a specific period of time (generally 1-2 years). The most common uses for domain names are website addresses used to advertise business products and services (www.abnaustralia.com.au) and/or email addresses (contact@abnaustralia.com.au).

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From the Knowledge Base

What is a .com.au domain name?

The domains for Australian businesses. Quite simply a com.au or net.au domain name is the best way for Australian businesses to be represented on the web! com.au and net.au domain names offer instant recognition in the corporate world.

Is there any distinction between a com.au and net.au domain name? Do they mean different things for my business?

There is no real distinction between a com.au and a net.au domain name. The policy determining eligibility for both names is identical. Previously net.au was recommended for Information Technology businesses; this can still apply. For instance, if your business has a technical component you may choose to register a separate technical domain name in the net.au namespace.

Who is eligible for a .com.au and .net.au Domain Name?

All Australian businesses, whether a company, business, registered body, owner, applicant of a registered trade mark or simply own a registered business name are eligible for a .com.au and .net.au Domain Name. You can get as many as you like. The eligibility policy which underpins the .com.au and .net.au Domain Name can be found on auDA’s website.

If you are an overseas business without any australian business registration, then you will not be able to register a .com.au domain name. The .au domain extension is a country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) which is restricted to use by individuals, organisations, or companies registered and/or residing in Australia.

How much does domain name registration cost?

Domain name registration costs depend on the type of domain name registration you choose (eg .com.au or .com or .net.au), and the number of years you wish to register the domain name for. Simply click on the search tool above to find out the costs.

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