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Family Trust Deed of Variation - Exclude Foreign Persons | $308.00

If you would like to update your family trust deed to exclude foreign persons, please get in touch. Our trust deeds of variation are suitable for accounting, legal, and professional advisers who rely on highly effective legal documentation, and appreciate the value of old-fashioned and informed customer service.

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Product Overview

In many states, family trusts are attracting the Foreign Persons surcharge, regardless of whether there is any history of the trust distributing to a foreign person. Each state has its own legislation which deals with how these surcharges apply to Family Trusts and the legislation in each state differs, which include:

Duties Act 1997 (NSW);
Duties Act 2000 (Vic);
Duties Act 2001 (Qld);
Land Tax Act 1956 (NSW);
Land Tax Act 2005 (Vic);
Stamp Duties Amendment Act 2017 (SA).

Our Services Approach

  • Our trust deed documentation has been carefully drafted to comply with the appropriate legislative and tax office requirements
  • Our trust deed documentation is highly effective across a range of business purposes and is structured and maintained in line with the latest industry innovations
  • Our highly experienced team manually reviews every submission to ensure information is free from error and complete - saving you headaches and costs down the line
  • We pride ourselves on great and informed customer service, and our professional team is available to discuss any question or client issue you may have
  • Standard printing, packaging and delivery available for $22.00 (GST inclusive).

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