Our change of company name service is suitable for accounting, legal, and professional firms looking for a fast and efficient means to update their client's company name with ASIC.

Change of Company Name

If you wish to change the name of your existing company, we can prepare all necessary forms and resolutions for you and lodge all forms with ASIC. Our experienced staff members manually review every submission to ensure information submitted is accurate, error-free, and ASIC friendly.

Product Overview

If you wish to change the name of your existing company, we can prepare all necessary forms and resolutions for you and lodge all forms with ASIC. We are also able to process all documents concurrently should you wish to swap the names of two or more of your companies.

  • Our online order forms make changing a company name in Australia convenient and easy.
  • As ASIC registered agents, we perform same-day application with ASIC, and include as standard an electronic copy of the Form 205 submitted.
  •  Upon the change being approved by ASIC, we will forward you a new certificate of registration stating the new name of the company.
  •  Our highly experienced team manually reviews every submission to ensure information is free from error and ASIC friendly - saving you headaches and costs down the line. 
  •  We pride ourselves on great and informed customer service, and our professional team is available to discuss any question or client issue you may have.

There are situations throughout the life of a business that lead a company to change its name:

  • The business may be sold to new owners;
  • The business becomes insolvent;
  • There is a need for new branding and marketing; or
  • The business will undergo internal restructuring.
The process of changing a company name is generally simple, yet you need to be confident that the change will be long lasting given the not insignificant ASIC fees incurred for making the change. 

From the Knowledge Base

How do I check if a name is available?

You can check the National Names Index to see if that name is already taken. This is a free company name search available on the ASIC website here. Alternatively, you can check if the name is available using our name availability checker tool above, which links directly into ASIC's servers.

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