Updating an existing SMSF trust deed requires a deed of variation. Professionalism is required to ensure your SMSF deed update is prepared correctly. When you update a SMSF trust deed our legal team reviews and signs off on your update documents ensuring they are prepared correctly.

We, as a division of David Garry and Associates are well versed in all trust deed updates and we deliver a quality product in a timely manner.

Key elements of superannuation funds for the 2017/2018 year

  • Introduction of a $1.6 million transfer balance cap
  • Removal of tax exemption for transition-to-retirement pensions (TRIPs)
  • Cut in annual concessional (before-tax) contributions cap to $25,000
  • Introduction of catch-up concessional contributions over 5-year period (from July 2018)
  • Cut in annual non-concessional (after-tax) contributions cap to $100,000
  • Continuation of the Low Income Super Contribution (super tax refund)
  • Increase in income threshold for spouse superannuation tax offset to $37,000 (and $40,000)
  • Tax hike for more Australians: 30% tax on concessional (before-tax) super contributions
  • Expansion of tax-deductible super contributions to all Australians
  • Removal of option to treat a pension payment as a lump sum payment, for tax purposes
  • Removal of anti-detriment provisions
  • Extension of tax exemption for other types of retirement products
  • Non-super change: Delivery of personal income tax cuts
  • Proposed introduction of non-financial superannuation changes

Our updated deeds are now fully compliant.

Our fees are $330 (GST incl) delivered to you either in soft or hard copy.

We can assist staff in your office to facilitate a smooth transition in updating your clients deeds.

The direct link to our PDF deed update order form is: DEED_OF_VARIATION_SUPERANNUATION_FUND_ORDER_FORM_v1.pdf

You are always welcome to call us on 1300 226 226 for any queries regarding deed update matters.