Most of us believe that registering a business name, incorporating a company, or registering a domain name means that we will own that name. But in Australia that is not the case.

In Australia the various registration authorities will allow registrations of names that are similar to others on their database, this also applies to domain name registrars and the market is left to sort out any disputes.

If someone else has a trademark that is similar to your business name, company name or domain name they can take legal action to enforce you to change your name or stop your business from using that name.

Protect your business. Stop others from poaching your name.

The best way to protect a name is with trade mark registration.  Trade mark registration provides the owner with the exclusive right to use that name throughout Australia and to prevent others from using a similar name in relation to the registered goods or services.  Not only product names should be registered as trade marks.  Trade marks are also relevant for business / trading names, company names, company logos, domain names and names of services.  Each of these serve to distinguish the business from its competitors and each therefore function as trade marks.  Trade mark registration is Australia wide.

Watch should I do?

Get a free quote. We will look at your structure and registered name and determine what we think is best for you. Costs are based on the scope of the trademark registration.

We will conduct searches, draft the application and manage the process using our experience to ensure effective registration.

FACT: A registered trademark will take precedence over business names, Company registrations and domain names.

Without a trademark you run the risk of someone else claiming the right to the name that you trade under.

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