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We provide a comprehensive range of business registration services including company formations, trust and SMSF deed establishments, and related corporate secretarial services. Simply put, we work with accounting and other professional firms who understand the value of partnering with an informed business registration and legal document provider.

  • We provide fast and reliable legal document and registration services with amazing customer support, driven by our attention to detail.
  • Our 40 year longevity in the industry reflects our continued reputation for high quality documents and customer service. Our focus is on building trust and relationships with our clients and helping them succeed in front of their clients.
  • Our staff manually review every order, making sure typos, spelling mistakes and other simple but common errors are spotted and fixed sooner rather than later.
  • We procure commercially sound and compliant legal documentation that is fit for purpose and cost effective. We ensure your existing company, trust, or SMSF documentation remains compliant with ASIC and other legislative requirements.
  • Unlike our larger competitors, every legal document ordered online is prepared and reviewed by an experienced lawyer – providing you unparalleled legal assurance and confidence.
  • We save your firm time and money by providing operational efficiencies through our streamlined systems and experienced staff members.
  • We provide a comprehensive range of ancillary and secretarial services ensuring you're supported whatever your client needs are.

Our existing clients tell us we help save them significant administrative burden and costs, whilst ensuring their own clients receive the most effective and compliant legal documentation available in the market.

Every order you place through our website is individually prepared and reviewed by our experienced legal partners. Not only do our lawyers ensure your documentation complies with the appropriate legislative and tax office requirements, they also ensure documents are structured and maintained in line with the latest industry innovations.

Significantly, our legal partners assume the risk and responsibility for the document its signs off – not you. This greatly mitigates any action that can be taken against you in relation to the documentation that you provide your clients (for example in circumstances where the deed is deemed as non-compliant with the law).

Given the level of assurance offered by our documents, our service is one of the most affordable available on the market.

We encourage customers to use our online forms where possible. However, some clients prefer to order directly via email, using our pdf order forms, or even over the phone. Please contact us on contact@abnaustralia.com.au or call 1300 226 226 to discuss your needs.

We offer a flexible range of payment options, including via credit card and bank transfer. Credit cards accepted include Visa and Mastercard. All orders received will be sent a Tax Invoice.

We include as standard electronic delivery of your documents in PDF format. For an additional cost, we also offer clients the choice to have their documents printed, bound, and delivered to their door using a premium leather-feel document folder which is sure to make a strong impression on your stakeholders. Simply select this option when placing your order.

We send you the documents in a print-ready Portable Document Format file, otherwise known as a 'pdf' file. To open and print the document, you'll need Adobe Acrobat, or an equivalent PDF reader.

If you notice an error (eg spelling mistake, typo, wrong associate) caused by ABNAustralia.com.au we will update your document and pay for any resultant costs free of charge. If the error is caused by the information you have provided, we will in all cases do our best to correct the mistake as soon as possible however there may be a fee depending on the delay and nature of the corrections required. For company registrations, ASIC often allows a very short grace period to make changes after registration, however, this may not always be available and we can therefore not guarantee that there won't be additional ASIC fees payable.

Our experienced staff members individually review all orders submitted and are trained to look out for common mistakes, spelling errors, typos and inconsistent information - saving you costs and headaches down the line.

If you have any questions in relation to our documents, please feel free to contact us directly at contact@abnaustralia.com.au or call us on 1300 226 226. In the event that further legal advice is sought we can connect you directly through to our legal partners, where you may be charged according to your needs.

If ASIC rejects your application to register a company, then it's easy enough to fix things and it is free — there is no charge from us, and no charge from ASIC. Below, we have set out some common reasons about why ASIC might reject your application to register a company.

Address related issues
ASIC accepts only property addresses that Australia Post accepts as postal addresses. ASIC will reject an address that is missing a unit number, suite number or floor level (if that information is needed for proper delivery), that includes ‘Corner of’, or that is a PO Box.

Name is rejected
ASIC will reject a name if it is inappropriate, or already taken — or is similar to a name already taken.

Information is missing or inaccurate
Generally these messages indicate that a answer has been left blank somewhere, or has inaccurate information.

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