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Either a director of the Company or the secretary of the Company must notify ASIC (by lodging an ASIC form 484) if any of the following occurs:

  1. Change of a company's registered office or principal place of business address;
  2. Change of name of officeholder or proprietary company members;
  3. Change of ultimate holding company details;
  4. Cease an officeholder;
  5. Appoint an officeholder;
  6. Change to special purpose company status;
  7. Issue of shares;
  8. Cancellation of shares;
  9. Transfer of shares; or
  10. Changes to amounts paid on shares.

Charge on company property (for example to secure a loan) must be notified to ASIC within 45 days from the creation of the charge.

Change of company name must be notified to ASIC within 14 days after the resolution was passed.

Division or conversion of shares must be notified to ASIC within 14 days from the date of change.

Reduction in share capital must be notified to ASIC before the notice of meeting for the reduction in share capital (at least 22 days before the members' meeting).

Share buy back must be notified to ASIC:

  • If buy back is conditional on a resolution being passed, then a form 281 must be lodged at least 14 days before the resolution is passed.
  • If buy back is not conditional on a resolution being passed and a Form 281 is required, then a form 281 must be lodged at least 14 days before agreement is entered into.

ABNAustralia offers the clients the ability to outsource their company compliance from just $66 per annum. This includes completion of the annual ASIC review, as well as lodgement of company changes with ASIC as described above.

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