Why our trust deeds represent real value for money

We recently wrote to our existing customer base and networks in an effort to help explain the difference between our trust deeds, and some of our more well-known competitors. In particular, we wanted to discuss the concepts of legal risk and legal assurance and whether you are really getting value for money when you use another provider. Read on...

Have you really thought about your legal risks? 

All legal documents carry with them some degree of legal risk for you as an adviser as well as for your clients. This risk can come in the form of non-compliance with government or regulatory bodies, or in other forms such as potential litigation from disgruntled clients or beneficiaries. In order to ensure you and your clients are protected against such legal risks, it is important that the trust structure documentation you utilise is prepared and reviewed by a qualified lawyer with experience in this area.

ABN Australia versus our competitors 

Our lawyers ensure your documentation complies with the appropriate legislation for all trust deeds, and also ensure your documents are structured and maintained in line with the latest industry innovations.......

......... however, that's not where our service ends.

Every time you order a trust or SMSF deed through us, our lawyers individually prepare and review it. Which means they stand behind the document, taking on legal risks associated with your individual document in the event something goes wrong. We are providing you with enhanced legal assurance, and a better night's sleep. 

When you order a trust deed from one of our competitors, ask yourself if your document has been individually prepared and reviewed by a lawyer. Or as often is the case, are you simply using a template document prepared by a member of their administration team? If the latter is the case, then you should be asking whether you are really getting value for money, and more importantly whether you are leaving yourself open to legal risks?

Our longevity in the industry 

Our longevity in the industry reflects our ethos of great customer service, and our focused commitment to ensuring your legal documents are fit for purpose. We encourage accountants and other professional service providers to deliver the same level of accountability when serving their own customers - by trusting in the documents that ABN Australia deliver and recognising the benefits of having each individual document prepared and reviewed by an actual lawyer.

Thanks for your time and if you have any feedback about our service please do get in touch.

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