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The majority of companies, trusts and business registrations are completed the same day

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We procure commercially sound and compliant legal documentation that is fit for purpose and cost effective

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Already trusted by over 250 professional accounting and legal firms across Australia

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We are an experienced team of qualified professionals who go the extra mile to keep our clients happy

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The devil is in the detail

We understand the importance of looking good in front of your clients. That’s why our experienced staff members ensure your legal documents are error-free, double checked, t’s crossed and i’s dotted – saving you headaches and costs down the line.

Have you thought about your legal risks? 

All legal documents carry with them some degree of legal risk for you as an adviser as well as for your clients. This risk can come in the form of non-compliance with government or regulatory bodies, or in other forms such as potential litigation from disgruntled clients or beneficiaries.

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In order to ensure you and your clients are protected against such legal risks, it is important that the business structure documentation you utilise is reviewed and prepared by an actually qualified lawyer with experience in this area.

This is exactly what you get when you order a trust, SMSF, or deed of amendment document online at

Not only do our lawyers ensure your documentation complies with the appropriate legislative and tax office requirements, they also ensure your documents are structured and maintained in line with the latest industry innovations.


A family business that understands the value of old-fashioned sincere customer service

Our team has been providing business registration and legal document services since 1976. Our longevity reflects our reputation for the best customer service in the business, underpinned by our commitment to effective documentation.

Our goal is to partner with professional firms who understand the value of an informed business registration and legal document provider - so why not try placing your next order online with us at
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