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Our registered agent services are suitable for company's who wish to outsource their ASIC compliance responsibilities in order to reduce administrative burden and focus time on their organisation's core value-add activities.

Registered Agent Service | $220.00 per annum

  • Appoint ABN Australia as your company's ASIC Registered Agent.
  • We maintain your company's corporate registry details with ASIC using EDGE approved software.
  • We complete your company's Annual Review Statement and directors solvency resolution each year.
  • We lodge with ASIC any change to your company details (unlimited) and prepare all related governance documents.
  • We reduce your company's administrative burden, and help you avoid ASIC late fees and penalties.
  • Trusted by the professionals - we already act as registered agent for over 2000 companies. 
  • Significant Volume discounts available for accounting and legal firms for as low as $77 per annum - please get in contact for a quote
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From the Knowledge Base

What is the ASIC Annual Statement?

Each year, ASIC send your company an annual statement shortly after the annual review date (which in most cases is the date you registered the company). Your annual statement will contain:

  • a statement of your company's current details,
  • an invoice for you company annual review fee, and
  • your company's corporate key

What do i need to do with my Annual Statement?

To keep your company registered, you must complete the following steps.
Step 1: Pay your annual company review fee
Step 2: Check and update your company details
Step 3: Pass a solvency resolution

What is the Annual Solvency Resolution?

Company directors must pass and store a solvency resolution within two months of the annual review date, unless you have lodged a financial report with ASIC in the past 12 months. A solvency resolution is made by the directors of a company that, in their opinion, the company can or cannot pay back its debts when they are due. The directors must have a reasonable basis for their opinion and the resolution must be passed by a majority.

What if there are changes to my company details?

Check the details on your annual statement carefully. If any details are incorrect, you can change your company details by lodging a Change to company details (Form 484) with ASIC. This includes changes to your addresses, share structure, officeholders and members. You will need your corporate key to make changes online. You can find your corporate key on your most recent annual statement. 

You must lodge changes with ASIC within 28 days of the annual statement issue date, or a further late fee will apply. While you only receive one annual statement each year, changes to your company details must be lodged as they occur, to avoid a late lodgement fee. A company may be charged both a late lodgement fee and a late review fee.

What changes to the Company do I need notify ASIC about?

Either a director of the Company or the secretary of the Company must notify ASIC (by lodging an ASIC form 484) if any of the following occurs:

  • Change of a company's registered office or principal place of business address;
  • Change of name of officeholder or proprietary company members;
  • Change of ultimate holding company details;
  • Cease an officeholder;
  • Appoint an officeholder;
  • Change to special purpose company status;
  • Issue of shares;
    Cancellation of shares;
  • Transfer of shares; or
  • Changes to amounts paid on shares.

Charge on company property (for example to secure a loan) must be notified to ASIC within 45 days from the creation of the charge.
Change of company name must be notified to ASIC within 14 days after the resolution was passed.
Division or conversion of shares must be notified to ASIC within 14 days from the date of change.
Reduction in share capital must be notified to ASIC before the notice of meeting for the reduction in share capital (at least 22 days before the members' meeting).

Share buy back must be notified to ASIC:

  • If buy back is conditional on a resolution being passed, then a form 281 must be lodged at least 14 days before the resolution is passed.
  • If buy back is not conditional on a resolution being passed and a Form 281 is required, then a form 281 must be lodged at least 14 days before agreement is entered into.

Can I outsource corporate registry maintenance?

Of course! ABNAustralia offers the clients the ability to outsource their company compliance. This includes completion of the annual ASIC review, as well as lodgement of company changes with ASIC as described above.

Established in 1976, ABN Australia has helped more than 100,000 businesses choose and establish their preferred business structure here in Australia. Our longevity is a testament to the high level of customer service we provide, and the wealth of experience we bring to the table.


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